June, 1940 Established FUJISEITO-SHO, starting the manufacturing of vitrified bonded abrasive grinding wheels
April, 1946 Starting the manufacturing of resinoid bonded grinding wheels
April, 1952 Established Nagoya sales office in Naka-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi (currently Nagoya branch)
March, 1955 Established Tokyo sales office in Nerima-ku, Tokyo (currently Tokyo branch)
October, 1958 Reorganized as a corporation with a capital of 2 million yen, established FUJI ABRASIVE wORKS CO.,LTD.
February, 1962 Increased capital to 8 million yen
June, 1962 Approved factory indicatable JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard)
December, 1964 Increased capital to 16 million yen
December, 1968 Transferred Tokyo branch to Toshima-ku, Tokyo
May, 1970 Starting the manufacturing of vitrified bonded diamond wheels
November, 1970 Increased capital to 32 million yen
November, 1970 Transferred Nagoya branch to Naka-ku, Nagoya City,Aichi
May, 1971 Starting the manufacturing of vitrified bonded borazon wheels
December, 1973 Increased capital to 48 million yen
June, 1980 Starting the manufacturing of PCD&PCBN tools
January, 1983 Starting the sales of "FKG", tool grinding machine
September, 1983 Changed our business firm to FSK INC.
June, 1988 Established joint enterprise Cadia Japan (Changed our business firm to NIHON DIA TEC INC.) with Cadia Diamond Honing (Germany)
August, 1990 Established joint enterprise, FSK (THAILAND)CO., LTD. in Thailand
December, 1997 Increased capital to 60 million yen
May, 1999 Acquired ISO9002 (3 departments: Conventional Grinding wheel Department, Super Abrasive Grinding wheel Department,PCD&PCBN Tool Department)
December, 2000 Increased capital to 72 million yen
April, 2001 Starting the manufacturing of diamond coating tools
April, 2002 Acquired ISO14001 certification(Head office,Head office factory,The first factory)
November,2002 Shift to the ISO9001, 2000. version.
January, 2005 Authorized to the "Aichi Quality(Aichi brand company)"
May, 2007 Selected"The300 Companies List for 2007" by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency,MET
October, 2010 NIHON DIA TECH INC is composed to the part of FSK INC.