Super-abrasives CBN & Diamond
Ultra-precision Mounted Point(CBN & Diamond)
FSK is capable to standardize electroplated mounted point from 0.05mm , and vitrified bonded
mounted point from 0.8mm.
Also, FSK has long terms relationship with the fuel injection nozzle industries from gasoline
engines to the high pressure required common rail diesel engines, as well as miniature bearing
industries in which required the most precision and consistency as the mass production line
Our over 65 years vitrified bonded system experiences help the solution of the customer's
request, we achieve lower grinding resistance and continuous stable grinding performance
which used to conflict each other.
The synthetic diamond had been invented in the 50s, to take a place of the natural diamonds,
with industrial stable quality to be selected for each grinding appreciation.It is still the hardest
material on earth.
In 1969, General Electrics had invented the synthesis of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) which
revolutionized the grinding capability for steel, cast iron and super alloys that were difficult to
apply the diamond grit.
CBN is not found naturally, and introduced to the market as the second hardest valuable
material on earth.