Electroplated Mounted Points

Apart from our standard cylindrical-shaped products, we are able to respond to all kinds of needs with our products consisting of grindstone parts with various special shapes such as our HARD POINT® (Tungsten carbide shank specification) which specializes in small-diameter hole processing.
Our company’s electroplated products have high abrasive grain density, specializing in fine-grained processing to realize long life spans for even #1000 (15 〜 25μm).
In addition to our standard inventory consisting of over 300 types of products, we prepare READY-MADE specifications combining grit size, dimensions, etc., allowing us to supply original products in a short amount of time at a low price.
With the products we produce, we specialize in meticulous support regarding the rate of abrasiveness and rate of deposition to align with the workpiece material and processing conditions in our specification proposals, etc.

● HARD POINT® (Tungsten carbide shank)

As we use a Tungsten carbide shank with over 3 times the rigidity of SUS, evasion at the time of processing becomes less than one third, allowing for precise hole processing with a small diameter.

Deflection accuracy: Under 5μm
Smallest diameter: φ0.05mm (diamond abrasive)
Standard inventory: 57 types
Outer diameter: Left side φ0.1, right side φ0.05

●Specially Shaped Electroplated Points

We can supply products of various shapes and dimensions, such as spherical shapes, R-shapes, shapes with angles, and more.

Shank: SUS303/SUS304 and more; also able to be produced with all kinds of materials
Standard inventory: 47 types