Grinding-Related Equipment

●Reciprocating Mold Finishing Machines –
Product name:Air Lapper

Work including polishing and correction, as well as deburring on the surfaces of molds, jigs and tools can be done in a short amount of time.
In addition, by replacing end tools, processing can also be done on ceramics, cemented carbide, quenched steel, etc.

Product name: Air Lapper
Application: Filing of angled surfaces of molds, polishing after electrical discharge machining, polishing precision parts
Characteristics: Work time can be shortened by 1/5 compared to manual work. Anywhere from a rough finish to a precision finish is possible by exchanging tools. By switching collet chucks, a large number of tools can be used.

●Truing and Dressing Machines –
Product name:Roll Dresser

This machine can perform truing and dressing simultaneously on CBN / diamond grindstone.
Dressing stones can be selected from a plentiful array of types to match the grinding wheel abrasive, grit size, and bond.

Product name: Roll Dresser
Use in machinery: Surface grinding machines, tool grinding machines, profile grinding machines
Characteristics: This machine can perform truing and dressing simultaneously.
Can support all kinds of bonds with easy handling.