Electroplated Reamers

Tools for finishing processing in which electrodeposition, adjustment and polishing are carried out on a cylindrical-shaped base metal.
Both expandable or non-expendable production is possible.
We answer to the various needs of our customers, including oil holes, taper shanks, and 2-step types.

Product name: Electroplated reamer
Use in machinery: MC / NC lathes, drilling machines
Characteristics: Realizes processing accuracy of under 0.5μm roundness, under 1.0μm cylindricality.

Electroplated Wheels

Use in machinery: Tool grinding machines, surface grinding machines, and more
Characteristics: As it has the largest protrusion amount of abrasives, the grinding performance is high and optimal for rough processing.

●Electroplated Split Pins

Use in machinery: Drilling machines, machining centers, and more
Characteristics: Can efficiently shave off burrs and edges in hole entrances, cross parts, and exits with its spring function.
Accommodated materials: Iron HRc 30 or above (Best: HRc 50 or above)

●Other Electroplated Products

  • Dressers:For profiling mounted points / rubber grindstone / stick grindstone, etc.
  • Wear-resistant tools:For nonslip pressing and wear-resistance of sliding parts
  • Files:As end tools or manual work tools for any kind of hand grinder