Mounted Points for Internal Grinding / JIG Grinding

This is our company’s most specialized field. We supply mounted points with specifications in many shapes and sizes for use in grinding that demands precise accuracy, such as for bearings as well as parts used in the semiconductor industry / automotive industry.

●Super Abrasive Mounted Points (CBN / Diamond)

We line up characteristic bonds (types) from the abundant bond system that we have been cultivating for many years.
The “VITBORA G-type,” which is superior in dressing ability and optimal for precision mass production internal grinding, has uniform vent holes for stable sharpness that lasts due to its high abrasive grain retention.
In addition, our unique “Metaceran” (registered trademark) features a mixed bond with vitrification and metal, which is high in heat-resistance and characteristically sees less loading / glazing than metal.

Bond type: Vitrified, Electroplated, Metaceran, Resinoid, Metal
Stone outer diameter: φ0.05~5mm (Tungsten carbide shank), φ0.3~15mm (stainless shank)
Standard inventory: Over 300 types (Electroplated)
Application: Ceramic parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Automobile powertrain parts (parts for fuel injection pumps, steering parts)
Aspheric lens molds, bearings, precision gears

●Mounted Points for Precision Grinding

One of our company’s specialized fields. We respond to special orders regarding mounted points with specifications in many shapes and sizes for use in grinding that demands precise accuracy, especially for bearings, etc.
We have been making deliveries to major manufacturers of bearings in Japan for more than 30 years while receiving praise for our high reliability regarding quality.
Furthermore, we are capable of producing mounted point outer diameters with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.01mm; generally +0/-0.01mm (φ3〜6.35) for shank accuracy and +0/-0.005mm for high-accuracy parts.

Bond type: Vitrified
Stone outer diameter: φ0.8mm~ accuracy ±1/100mm
Shank diameter accuracy: For a shank diameter of 3mm~6.35mm, +0/-0.01 (stainless), +0/-0.005mm (Tungsten carbide)
Application: Bearings, miniature ball bearings

Mounted Points for Hand Grinders (Conventional Mounted Points)

We constantly maintain our position at #1 in market shares for mounted points in Japan, along with the plentiful assortment of products in our standard inventory. These are continuously used in turbine blades for aircraft engines, and the maintenance of turbine blades for major heavy industry power generators. Furthermore, they are used in turbochargers for automobiles.

Bond type: Vitrified, Resinoid
Stone outer diameter: φ3mm~50mm
Standard inventory: 253 types
Application: Turbine blades (aircraft engines, turbine blades for power generators) For automobiles (turbochargers), general steel material, casting deburring

Grindstone for Die / Mold

  • Mounted Points:By keeping the deflection accuracy under one half the JIS standard, vibrations during high-speed rotation are suppressed as much as possible, allowing for smooth grinding.
  • Rubber Grindstone:“DAIWA RABIN” is an elastic bonded mounted point made from abrasive connected with specially processed synthetic rubber that adapts extremely well to the workpiece, preventing any loading or glazing to obtain a finished surface with a neat gloss.
Bond type: Vitrified, Rubber, Alumina Fiber
Stone outer diameter: φ1mm〜13mm (Vitrified)
Standard inventory: Over 50 types
Application: Die / Mold finishing

Grinding Stones for Portable Grinders

Standard inventory of 32 types combining Vitrified stones and Resinoid stones
We line up not only mounted point shapes, but also plug-type grinding wheel depressed center wheels (cannonball type and flat type) for easy mounting and demounting.

Product name: TOP CUT
Use in machinery: Angle grinder
Characteristics: Compared to mounted points, it is possible to polish efficiently during surface grinding
Specifications: A80P B-TOP φ30x10xM7 (3 other types)