Ultra-Thin Cutting Wheels for Precision Cutting

Efficient cutting in a short amount of time is possible with the sharp cuts to the target cutting surface achieved by our special manufacturing method.
In addition, high dimensional accuracy can be obtained with a clean cutting surface that has no burr or burning. Since the grindstone is thin, the amount of damage from cutting is significantly reduced, allowing for expensive materials such as diode, tungsten, and high-quality stainless steel to be cut without any waste.
As the grindstone also has strong elasticity and does not damage easily, it is extremely economical.

●Resinoid Ultra-Thin Cutting Wheels

We are able to accept orders for products from a thickness of 0.1mm (maximum outer diameter φ100mm). Both dry / wet types can be used.

Product name: FLUSH CUT
Use in machinery: High-speed cutting machines, precision cutting machines
Standard inventory: 32 types
Application: All kinds of metal samples, printed circuit boards, injection needles, etc.

●CBN / Diamond Ultra-Thin Cutting Wheels

Using super abrasive (CBN / diamond) for the abrasive, they can also be used on materials that are hard to shave. Both dry / wet types can be used.

Product name: FC SUPER
Use in machinery: Precision cutting machines
Standard inventory: 9 types (only diamond)
Application: Tungsten carbide steel materials, ceramics samples, etc.