Grinding Wheels for Precision Surface Grinding and Cylindrical Grindin

●Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels (CBN / Diamond)

Our Vitrified Borazon CBN Bond (registered trademark “VITBORA”) sold the fastest worldwide in 1971. After over 50 years of production,
our abundant bond system has been constructed to enable support for all kinds of needs.

Product name: FG
Use in machinery: Surface grinding machine
Characteristics: Tooling possible with single-stone diamond without using dressing equipment
Specifications: Normal type grit size #140,
surface roughness improvement type grit size #170
Product name: PCD Dedicated Grinding Wheel
Use in machinery: Tool grinding machine
Characteristics: Superior life span and shape maintenance due to the absence of vent holes for improved processing accuracy.
Specifications: Vitrified Borazon CBN Bond S-type
*The whiter grindstone pictured is the Vitrified Borazon CBN Bond S-type/td>

●Grinding Wheels for Profile Grinding VSW Series

Supporting all grinded material from raw material to quenched steel.
Over 2 times the grinding rate compared to WA grindstone.
Due to the high ratio of vent holes in the grindstone, there is less occurrence of grinding heat. Burning of the workpiece as well as chatter marks are less likely to occur, allowing for a smooth grinding surface.

Product name: SPW (pink grinding wheel)
Use in machinery: Surface grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines
Characteristics: As it is a porous material, loading is not likely to occur and there are no chatter marks or burning of the workpiece due to its soft grinding, allowing it to be used for a broad range of grinded materials.
Specifications: Grit size #60〜#220 lined up
(different depending on grinding wheel dimensions)

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Double-Head Grinders Outstanding sharpness

!! Support for tungsten carbide / iron and steel material—only 1 wheel is necessary!!

Remarkably increases work efficiency as only 1 wheel is necessary to support tungsten carbide / iron and steel material.
With excellent sharpness, heat generation of the grinded material can be suppressed and safe work can be achieved, enabling a lower cost due to the shortening of processing time and improved life span of the grinding wheel.
This grinding wheel is good for the environment, minimizing the occurrence of particles and dust from the grindstone.

Product name: GreenPro
Use in machinery: Double-head grinders
Characteristics: Grindstone life span 10 times longer due to the use of diamond abrasive (when grinding tungsten carbide materials)
Specifications: DF60 φ205x19x15.88 (X layer 10mm)

About dressingBy using the metal diamond dresser “shape keeper,” grindstone correction is possible on the machine for easy shape correction.